Friday, May 16, 2014


So we took our first vacation as a family of 5! Before I overload you with pictures (that was your warning!), let me tell you...we are not fancy vacationing folk, we could not have pulled this amazing trip to SoCal and Disneyland, without being blessed by our family. I'm so grateful that we have family that opened their home to us, we are quickly growing as a family, but they let us crash in a spare room, fed us, let us use the showers know...all the amazing stuff amazing host do! We also were blessed with tickets into the park by my cousin and as an extra bonus, my parents and my sister and her boys switched some plans around so they could join us too! Extra hands never hurt!
Now, I'd like to think that Steve and I could have handled the trip on our own, after all, we are two very responsible adults, raising the next generation of responsible peoples, but I'm grateful we didn't have to. If this could be a metaphor for life, Disneyland obviously being heaven, you can try to get their on your own, even after extensive planning, but every now and then you need a little help and a little good company on the way!  
So on with the show...and be warned, this is only our first day in was pretty epic, because Henry is finally tall enough to ride most of the rides...for us it was the year of Star Wars, which meant riding star tours a gazillion times (only an estimate). We conquered the newly done Thunder Mountain, we survived the Jungle Cruise, tried our first Dole Whip and basically became like the Mayors of Toon Town when we avoided all the crowds there! on with the show...
Oh...and no one got food poisoning!

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