Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Before my daughter Lucia was born I had resolved that I would make 'Lucy' her nickname (I'm a big I Love Lucy fan!) I just can't do it though, I know how much her father loves the name Lucia so Lucy just feels like a betrayal to him. When I'm playing with my daughter sometimes the name 'Lucy Goosey' rolls off my tongue and out into the world. I've told my husband that it's becoming a habit and I think it might catch on.  He hates the idea of this. I think to him, 'Lucy Goosey' may one day (perhaps in her teen years) turn into 'Loosey Goosey' and boys may get the wrong idea about his little sweetheart. He's already looking after her reputation. 

How could an angel like this become a 'Loosey Goosey'?

 It's interesting how we get our nicknames. My husband is nicknamed 'Bubba' to his family. We've nicknamed my son 'H.R.' when we don't want him to know we're talking about him. As long as I can remember my nickname has been 'Renabutt'. I'm not even sure what 'Renabutt' means, but it's been attached to me for most of my life. I think  it was given to me by my aunt, who coincidentally calls my sister 'Princess' which makes 'Renabutt' the kind of nickname that could give a girl a complex. But do these nicknames even matter?  Can't a 'Renabutt' grow up to become the loving mother of a sweet little 'Lucy Goosey' and an adorable 'H.R.' married to the love of her life 'Bubba'?
I know that what ever they call me or what ever I call my little girl, it has no real bearing on who she will become or who God wants her to become. So I ask you, what are people calling you these days and who is God calling you to be?

Today's Reflection:
One of my favorite's in the bible is the story of Saul and how God changed his name and the path he was on and made him Paul. See Saul was awful, he was a murderer but God, changed all that, God changed who and what Saul was known for and made him Paul. Paul, was who God called him to be and Paul did some great things!

(you can read Acts 22, to get a taste of Paul's story)

Lord, Thank you for the opportunity to live up to who you created me to be. Thank you for not caring what others call me and giving me the opportunity to be something greater.


  1. Awesome ... another beautiful life lesson

  2. Excellent! I love your posts, the humor and wisdom!



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