Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hello Friends! We are getting into spring! So far we're trying to fill it with friends and family and lots of little flowers!
Just wanted to let you know, I'm posting over at Sacramento Parent today! If you haven't gotten a chance to head over...then well...head over! Thank you all who have already stopped by, it's fun seeing your comments and knowing you're supporting me there too... and as I've said before I think it makes me look good...or at least like what I write is semi-interesting!
You can see the post here
Also! A winner has been randomly selected from my give away and it is..... 
Congratulations Aiyana! I can't wait to get the book in your hands!
Thank you everyone who took the time to vote and enter the giveaway!
It's still not too late to vote, for those of you still wanting to.
Also, some of you have asked, and you do not need to currently reside in Sacramento to vote.
You can vote here
That's all I have for tonight...but don't worry I'll be back!
Hope Spring is treating you well friends

Friday, March 22, 2013


So here's the deal, this week I discovered that I had been nominated for KCRA's A-List: Best Local Blogger. In disbelief, I laughed and could not help but say "No Way!?!" Not only was it not a joke, I had already gotten a couple of votes.
I'm such a little blog, I love being here, I love when you and I connect, but I'm such a little blog. I try to post things that are from the heart, personal. I post things I'm learning about myself and parenting and life.
Now here is another part of the story. I discovered a little later that I was nominated by my dad. I won't lie...I had a teenage girl moment and in my heart I thought, "oh Dad, that's so embarrassing!" He is one of my biggest fans! Then I thought some more about it. He genuinely thinks that I am the Best Blogger. I know my dad, this is the same man who would not drive me to American Idol Auditions because he was afraid I'd end up on the blooper reel. The same man who pulled me out of gymnastics because my chubby little thighs could not climb the rope. He genuinely thinks, I'm the Best Local Blogger.
I realize that I would do the same for any of my children and even more I think that is a fraction of what God, our heavenly father would do. You see, sometimes we don't feel like we are even close to the best, but God, he is nominating us. He is saying "YOU are the best!" because we are his. He does not need the biggest, he does not need the most popular or the well versed. He see us and knows us, and still as a father would, says to us "YOU are the best!"
I am reminded of Moses, who only God could have nominated to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.
"But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”
-Exodus 3:11
Or David, who was not who others would have nominated, but he was exactly who God had!
" But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”"
-1 Samuel 16:7
And lastly Gideon, who even to his disbelief was nominated.
"The angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, “The Lord is with you, mighty warrior.”"
-Judges 6:12
God has a plan for you, a nomination, that even you might not believe.
I am grateful for my dad's nomination, I am grateful for the example of a father's love and the reminder of God's love.
There is a good chance I will not win, let's face it, the two current leaders are giving away a pair of Jordan's and movie tickets. I will keep doing what I do, sharing my heart and the loveliness God shares with me....

 As a "Thank You" to everyone who has voted for me, I'm doing a giveaway. One of you will win one of my favorites, its a Devotional from one of my favorites, Jen Hatmaker!
I'll admit, it's kind of a "mom" prize, but I'm sure you all know a mom who could be blessed with this! And don't worry, although my copy is pretty worn and well loved, I will be sending the winner a new copy!

All you have to do is have voted for me and use the entry form below.
Please don't see this as a bribe, it is sincerely a "Thank You" the best I know how!
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I know it's been a little quiet over here on the blog. I don't always know what to write or say. I am a mom, and most of the times my days are filled with, well, mom stuff. Things are not always as interesting, or time is not available to sit and write. I've been joking how even sneaking off to the bathroom by myself is impossible. Every bathroom trip becomes a family conference, I couldn't help it if I wanted, they find a way in. The other day I was so exhausted and hearing them wake up from their nap I had two options, suck it up and get them out of bed, or sit quietly, motionless hoping that they did not know, that I knew, that they were awake and wait it out until daddy got home.  I chose the latter, I refer to that as T-rexing it! With all of this, one could find themselves drowning. Sometimes I do, and I have to admit to myself and others that I need a break. However, sometimes I am able to see it all for what it is. And I become grateful, incredibly grateful. I am not drowning, I am full. I do not have a messy house, I have a home that is used and loved and an empty playing field for these imaginations. I write at the most random times of day and night. I sit when I can, and try to do it without guilt. I am not drowning, I am full. Full of the love and life God has so generously blessed me with. He fills my cup, with his love and all these wonderful moments. He is the creator and the writer, of moments that I cherish, moments like this...
And on days, when the 'mom stuff' piles up and those little feet chase me into the bathroom, I am in love, with his word and this lovely scripture and how poetic it is for my soul...
"Your beauty and love chase after me
every day of my life."
-Psalm 23:6

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Dear Henry,
It was a big week for us, you started basketball this week. It's your first sport ever! Up until now you have always told me that you don't want to play sports, you want to be the coach with the whistle. I get that. Mommy likes to be the boss too.
I want to take a minute to tell you how beautiful you are. I know, someday when you are a man this is probably the last thing you want me shouting to the world, but mommy is a hippie. I can't help it. First I'll tell you the things your Daddy probably wants to be written in your history. You show great potential, you made sure you were using proper form, you showed great respect to your coach and listened. You didn't give up even when you were tired.
It was only your first day. You were not the fastest. You had trouble dribbling, and when it was your turn to take a shot at the basket, you didn't come close. Now, here's what I want you to know. None of that matters. None of that will ever matter. Here is what does....You had a blast, you got to play with your best friend. Your sister was on the sidelines cheering you on, as was your Auntie B. your cousin Levi and your #1 fan, me. Each time you ran down the court you looked back at me. Sometimes you would wave, sometimes you would blow me kisses, a couple of times I got the 'thumbs up' and my favorite, once, you shouted "I love you mommy!"
I know that you will be great and succeed in whatever you put your heart into, whether it be basketball or not. I know that God has created you for greatness, and with that promise you can not fail. You are beautiful, and you made my life! And in the end, when all the other kids crowded the hoop to take in some extra shots, you did this...
and son, that's how I know that the same blood that runs through me, runs through you too!
Your Mommy
p.s. I can't wait for tee-ball!

Sunday, March 3, 2013


We had an amazing, not so simple weekend. Yet, since this is 'Simple Sunday' I thought, I'd share this photo. A simple photo, to finish a wonderful weekend.
Lord, you shine through, even in the simple moments!

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