Thursday, February 23, 2012


My current obsession, thanks to my sister is vintage travel trailers. Recently I have been having a love affair with all things vintage! I think there's something about the world before over 200 channels on t.v., text messaging, social media, online shopping and nudity in just about every movie. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy my modern day luxuries but from time to time I just want to disconnect and really focus on my family and the more simple things in life. Steve and I love camping and road trips, we pretty much fell in love on a road trip! And being the California girl I am, I love camping especially by the coast. So now, we are in the market for a vintage trailer. Because neither one of us has RVing experience we are pretty much learning as we go, spending a lot of time looking at used and new trailers asking a lot of questions, searching the web and checking out books that might help us! We are getting all our ducks in a row and hopefully soon I will be the owner of a trailer and the 'king' of the road! For now, we're having fun just shopping and dreaming... 
Today's Reflection:
I'm pretty blessed to have grown up in California and to have the opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature. I know that not all kids grew up camping like I did and I've heard there are people who have never been to the mountains or the beach. I'm grateful that my parents always took the time to take us places. Steve and I both have fond memories of road trips and camping as children and now being parents we appreciate how much work those trips must have taken and what an impact they had on us.
Lord, thank you for the opportunities you've given me, I do not take them for granted. I know it does not take much to find the beauty in the world you've created and I hope that I can share that with my children.

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