Tuesday, September 24, 2013


And then it happened. The day just snuck up on me, I should have seen it coming, but I turned my back on it and suddenly it was here, tapping on my shoulder, pushing me aside and opening the door for Henry. That's right, Preschool. I'm going to warn you, this post has an overwhelming amount of pictures of my little guy on his first day, but it's a pretty big deal over here in this house.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm officially in it...I'm in this Motherhood thing big time! I've got to figure this whole mom of a 'big kid' thing out, because I don't know what I'm doing! School pick-ups, field trips, soccer practice. Thankfully there were no tears (from either of us), in fact, this kid was pretty excited and didn't look back twice after he said good bye. He even brought his little toy camera, just like mommy to take some first day shots of his own. 

And then, that was it...we officially had a preschooler. It should be noted that his sister took it very well...
The night before school I asked Henry what he might want to wear. I recommended one of his bow ties because I know it makes him feel handsome. He wasn't feeling it and his daddy teased me, assuring me that I would get our son beat up. I realized, this whole school thing might be tougher for me. I decided to keep my 'first day of school' pep talks to myself...or at least save them for another time. I wanted to tell him that if he got nervous or had trouble talking to the other kids, just sing because it makes him happy, and it would keep his mind off being nervous. Plus, who doesn't like to hear a good song? This is probably not the advice you give to a kid starting school...or so I'm told.
My heart a little discouraged, that I had no idea or sound advice to give my son, I began to think about Matthew 4. Matthew 4, is sort of the beginning of Jesus' ministry. Jesus had just been baptized, and now before he begins his work he is taken to the wilderness and tempted by Satan 3 times. I know...pretty serious thought to have considering my boy is just entering Preschool! I think I came to this thought, because while Jesus was tempted by Satan, and could have had a much 'easier' road had he just taken Satan up on what he was selling, he didn't. He remained true to himself, to his purpose, to who God created him to be. I think any parent has got to be proud when their child does not sell out who they are just for an 'easier' road or the road that does not get them 'beat up'
I wanted my son to start of his journey being himself, his wonderful, bow tie wearing, singing self or at least the sweet spirited boy God created. But he's doing great, even without the bow tie or singing or Mommy's awesomely awkward pep talks!   

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