Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I love a good swap meet. When we went to L.A., hitting up a swap meet was one of my 'things to do', thankfully everyone was up for it too! It ended up being crazy hot when we went, but we were still able to get some good ol' fashioned swap meet fun done!
Usually when we hit up places like this I like to give Henry a couple of dollars to spend. Typically I give him $3, but it's fun to watch him as we walk around. He takes it pretty seriously, considering his options and not just jumping on the first toy he sees. In fact it makes this frugal "treasure" hunting momma's heart happy to see him sift through merchandise looking for that special find, he's actually pretty good at it.  He can be a bit on the shy side when it comes to people outside of his 'inner circle', so this is a good way for him to get a little out of his shell. When he does find something he likes I encourage him to ask the vendor how much things cost instead of just having mommy do it. Sometimes we have a good talk about the value of things and I'll even try to get him to bargain a little. It's really pretty cool, i'll tell you most times people cut the little fella a deal! This trip he came home with some poppers, a knock-off "Spider-man Lego" set and a Mr. Incredible toy (one of his favorite!). Grandma also treated his cousin and him to matching cowboy little vaqueros!
Now, next to the deals at a swap meet, the FOOD is one of my favorites. I'm a torta girl....una torta por favor! But you can usually get some great tacos and other goodies, Steve's a burrito guy! If you have not yet had them, I think the chicharones (or Duritos) are a must! Throw a little lemon juice on them and some tapatio and you're set! 
Like I said, I love a good swap meet. Maybe it's the food or the deals, perhaps it's a little piece of Mexico, hearing the exchange of Spanish and English all over the place. I think really it's sharing it all with my family and the people I love. 

Finding God in the everyday and honoring him in even the mundane things is something I'm constantly trying to work on. Times like this, although may seem like just a hot day at a swap meet, I am grateful for the family he's given me, for the time to teach my son little lessons, for a heritage i love and am able to share with my children as their own. 

"One man esteems one day as better than another, while another man esteems all days alike [sacred]. Let everyone be fully convinced (satisfied) in his own mind. He who observes the day, observes it in honor of the Lord."
-Romans 14:5-6 AMP

Writing this verse on my Heart, Lord let all my days observed be done so in honor of you! Let me find you in them, let me reflect on the beauty or the lessons, but all in honor of you. Amen.

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