Thursday, June 26, 2014


Just a few snapshots from our father's day.

I couldn't do it alone. Sometimes I look at him with now all THREE of our kids and I realize he's just as much in it as I am. He is right there with me chasing them, loving them, protecting them, teaching them, trying the best he can just like I do. Some days I know he feels ill equipped like I sometimes do, being a parent can throw some unexpected things our way and truthfully we don't have a clue on some of those days but we try, we pray, we seek God and we laugh....a lot! I couldn't do it with out him. God's no joke when he tells you two are better than one, I get it, I'm grateful for it. It's fun to watch him grow as a Daddy, it's crazy to think how it use to be just the two of us and now we have a full house! This guy...putting the sanity in my kookiness and giving my kids a fighting chance at decorum! 

I like taking pictures, I like capturing moments in time. It's amazing how when you look at photos it gives you a chance to take in the beauty of a moment and appreciate the time. Life is busy with kids and sometimes I make the mistake of looking at what my husband isn't doing right instead of taking  time to stop in the moment and appreciate all the good he does and all the love he gives. There is so much loveliness in our crazy life, I'm grateful for a man who seeks God, prays over our family and gives me beautiful snapshots!

Lord, let me look at life like I do snapshots. Help me to enjoy the beauty and appreciate the moment, snapshots of your grace, placed in my heart. Let the loveliness of you rest on us!

" let the loveliness of our Lord, our God, rest on us,

    confirming the work that we do. " - Psalms 90:17 (MSG)


  1. my god! this is sooo cute! be blessed! you're a lovely family! <3


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