Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So we just got back from our annual camping trip. Sorry for not posting but every time I sat down and opened the computer it felt wrong...just wrong. Staring at the screen like I do at home just took away from being in the great outdoors. Every year we go I have a list of things I want to do while away. First, take a long walk to the beach just me and my hubby. Second, take a little morning jog and end it with a little devotional. Third, nature/photo walk. Fourth, spend a lot of time playing on the beach with my kids. Sounds great right? Unfortunately, I forgot to pack the list and so once we got their a new list was re-written which included, freezing my butt off and getting sick. Despite all that we had such a great trip!

I'll be back with more pictures and post later, but for now, loads of camp laundry are calling me and I am still a little under the weather.

I'll leave you with this...We stopped on our caravan home to take a group shot under the redwoods. I think we all imagined that beautiful money shot you see in magazines. Unfortunately we are not the group that ends up in magazines. So this is what we got...
trying for a little organization, I shout "Let's do a jump shot!" and unfortunately, we are not a "Jump Shot" group either, so here is what we got...
However, the genuine smiles and laughing that came with each shot was priceless and I'm so happy that we got each one!

Today's Reflection:
Sometimes we try to go for picture perfect, but picture perfect, although lovely hanging on your wall is not always as great in your heart. Picture perfect can sound nice, but sometimes it's those bloopers in life that we remember always. The camping trip was not exactly how I pictured, but it was still so much fun. Besides, who ever says "Hey remember that time everything went right?"
Lord, thank you for a safe trip. Thank you for joy and bloopers. Thank you for your presence, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Thank you for the joy you bring to even those who are not picture perfect!


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