Tuesday, December 11, 2012


 "And whatever you do, do it heartily" - Colossians 3:23
I am amazed at how quickly these little hands and little feet that I adore grow. Even with all the warnings, "They grow so fast!", "Enjoy these moments" and so on and such forth. This little guy, that I still affectionately refer to as my baby, is not really a 'baby' any more. Still, he will have to forever put up with me calling him my baby, even when he's 63 and protests. But I am mommy. I am mommy and that's what we do.
Most days I am so busy focusing on the day to day rituals, feed them, bathe them, clothe them, play with them, repeat. I can quickly get into a mommy-rut. Now if the above scripture simply stated, "whatever you do, do it." then I would be good. I mean, I do it...I do mommy-hood. However, it says "...do it heartily" and I think these 7 words speak multitudes. So I evaluate myself, and I look at the cracks and holes and I see, I am not always doing it so 'heartily'
When I put my heart into this job I am called to do, when I do it 'heartily' I see that it does not end when Steve comes home. It is more than just feeding them and clothing them and getting them to sleep through the night. It is about loving them, and cultivating them into the wonderful people God has made them. When I do my job 'heartily' I understand why it is so beneficial for us, not only does it please the Lord, it blesses us, it strengthens us and it opens us up for God to move with us and the work he has given us.
Plus there are perks...like coffee and movie dates with my little man...
Today's Reflections:
I hope that whatever you and I are called to do, whatever job we are assigned, we can do it heartily. That we can please our Lord and open ourselves up and allow him to do great things with the work he's called us to do.

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