Tuesday, September 11, 2012


There's a lot going on in this head of mine. So this may be a disorganized post, but I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting daily, so I've got to start somewhere. The kids are both napping (cue the choir of angels singing 'Hallelujah!') and I'm going to bust this out!
My sweet little girl has been sick for the last week. She had a fever for a couple of days, we took her to the Doctor to find out she had an ear infection. Then she had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics and broke out in a rash. My poor little girl. She's such a trooper though, she could complain all she wants, we'd all understand, but in the midst of it all she's still smiling and playing.  I love that about her.
The air show came to town. We live extremely close to the airfield so all week we had fun hearing them practice and watching them fly over the house. Steve gets the most excited. He impressively knows the names of the planes and runs from window to window trying to get a glimpse as they fly by. He dragged Henry around with him, making sure he could see them out the window. I love that about him.
We took Henry to a friend's birthday party over the weekend. There was a piƱata and when it broke open there was tons of candy, more than enough for each kid. Henry collected a few pieces and then stopped. Meanwhile all the other kids continued to grab the loads of candy left (and it was the good stuff!) Steve and I told him he could go out and get more and pointed at the piles of candy laying around. He looked at us showing us his not even 1/2 full bag and said "but I've already got a lot, I don't need anymore." I love that about him!
Monday morning I started a new adventure taking a 'Plunge' into a new group called MOPS, which stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. I was asked to be a table discussion group leader and said yes. I said yes because I feel like if there is a need and you're asked to fill it, then fill it. I'm incredibly socially awkward, I get extremely nervous and use or attempt to use humor to cover it up. I am not sure that I am currently qualified to lead anyone in anything, once there was a time but currently, the idea scares me a little.
The night before the group, the idea of putting myself out there and meeting other moms and saying "oh, hey I'll be leading you in a discussion" made me nervous and anxiety I've recently developed came out, to a point I could have cried. In the back of my mind I always think, it's only a matter of time before they realize I'm crazy and want nothing to do with me. So the night before I took some time, made little notebooks for all the Moms that would be sitting at my table. All the moms I had yet to meet, but knew God had already planned on me meeting. 
I began to think and pray about the other moms I'd meet in the morning. Wonder if any of them were anxious or nervous too. Wonder if any would have trouble in the morning, if any would be up late like me wishing they had gone to bed earlier too. Maybe we would recognize each other through the bags under our eyes. Eventually I went to bed, still nervous but then the morning came. And it was great... 
and there was food... 
and lots of moms... 
 and words of encouragement...
 and even bracelets (I'm not sure but I think MOPS just gave me a friendship bracelet and asked to be my new BFF)...
and although I still made nervous jokes, no one booed me or asked to leave my table. And it all worked out, and I have a feeling God knew it would all along, I'm pretty sure he was there too, maybe he even laughed at my jokes. I love that about him!
Today's Reflection:
Sometimes I have to remember to not let my own insecurities overshadow God's promises.
"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them."
-Matthew 18:20


  1. You're totally right...MOPS did give you a friendship bracelet is is asking you to be our BFF with your beautiful awkwardness and insecurities!


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