Friday, September 21, 2012


You ever have those days when it feels like nothing is going right? too. The morning of Lucia's Birthday seemed to be one of those days. Let me back up...beep beep (that's the sound of me backing up).
We decided we'd throw our little girl a Pink Lemonade inspired First Birthday. We worked very hard on it and put all the home spun touches we could on it. Steve built a little lemonade stand, produce stand and bakery for the party. My mom and I made little felt sweets for the bakery and the night before the party I stayed up late finishing up little touches for the party and baking her a cake.
Well after all of that, on the way to the 'party site' all of our little stands flew out of Steve's truck and smashed on the freeway. In all the chaos, my birthday cake got smashed (see above) and less than a couple of hours before the party we hustled to put the pieces together. Okay..I'm downplaying that...after a meltdown, Steve rescuing pieces of wood off the freeway, lots of nails and paint, both our parents being put to work, and my freaking out and learning I am not a 'roll with the punches' kind of girl, we got the party back together as best we could. Oh and did I mentioned as the guest arrived I put them to work? Well, I did. But even after all of that, we still managed to have a lovely little party to celebrate our girl...the stands were rebuilt and the kids could have cared less that just a couple hours earlier they were on the freeway...

The tables were set...
and after years of having parties with monsters and bugs and cowboys and dirt, it was nice to have a little pink in our lives...

but best of all the guest of honor was surround by some of her favorite people...and some of mine too!
Today's Reflection:
Lord, thank you for a husband who loves me through my meltdowns and freak outs. For family and friends who always ask 'how can I help?' and mean it. For surrounding me with people who know I'm a mess and still come to my parties, and who love me and my children more than any cake or party decoration. Thank you for Birthdays and even Birthday disasters that sometimes teach us, what we really are made of.
thank you. thank you!







  1. oh my word! I can't imagine all that happening the morning are amazing! I love ALL the cute! It came together just perfect and looked adorable! You are a pro. Love the tablecloths, the flowers, the fabric strands, the signs- way above and beyond! Lucia is blessed to have you as a mommy and she'll love hearing the stories of the tragedy of making it all happen when she turns 18.

    1. Thank you Laine! I was in disbelief myself..I think we'll be ready to talk about that morning when she's 18. :)


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