Friday, January 11, 2013


Hello Friend!
The weather (in our neck of the woods) has become, just straight up cold! It's very deceiving, it looks beautiful out there, the sun is shining, sky is blue, and then you take a step out and you realize, you've been duped. It feels like when you 'Push' a door that clearly says 'Pull' and people just watch your struggle. You know better, you are very capable of reading and yet you're a little upset no one bothered to stop you or warn you, yell out "PULL!" or in my case "Baby, it's cold outside!"
We did get out though. We had a fun little walk to the park with my parents.
I've been reading the book of Esther in my Bible. I've read it before, I know the story, so usually I just skip over it, I mean it's not like the story has changed...right? Something compelled me to read it again though. As I sat there and started a familiar story I realized...this book is GOOD! I mean like, I couldn't put it down good! I became enthralled with each person in the story, I imagined myself as each person and opened myself up even more to the words I was reading, the lessons I was being taught. 
I realize that things change...we change.  Sometimes we can pass something again and again. Sometimes we can do the same ol' same ol', but then something changes, we grow older, we grow a little wiser...whatever it is we evolve and so does our way of looking at things and doing things. It is not a whole new world, it is a whole new us. Our challenge is to open up to the changes inside of us or to continue on with the same ol' same ol'.
My kids are my living example of this. We've walked to the same park since they were born..since before they were born. It is the same park, nothing has changed, yet each time we visit, as they get older, it is different. Once they were carried or pushed in a stroller, now they are both walking, running, jumping there. They play differently, Lucia no longer just spectates, she is involved, she is playing like any other kid. Henry, no longer needing a hand, he is going down the big slide by himself, backwards, forwards, up the slide, down the slide. Same park, but they are not.
Today's Reflection:
There is a point in the book of Esther where Queen Esther is afraid of acting on behalf of her people threatened with destruction. She was not always a Queen, but God had evolved her into this position. She is asked the question,
"...who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?" - Esther 4:14.
Who knows that God has not changed our view, our hearts, our minds, allowed us to grow for a reason?

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