Thursday, June 14, 2012


Day three of Henry being sick. Today we took him to see the doctor, not a fun trip but the doctor did confirm what we already knew, he's got hand-foot-mouth disease, nothing much he can do for him, it'll run it's course in about a week. So here we are almost half way through it, and our days are now filled with trying to keep him as 'comfortable' as he can be and trying to keep my little Lucia from catching it. Sadly this means no playing or hugging each other and for the moment my dynamic duo can only make each other laugh from a disinfected distance.
Have I told you how much these two love each other? Now that Lucia can crawl and apparently gets all of her brother's hilarious jokes, he is her best buddy! Henry has taken to being big brother, he knows better than anyone else how to make her smile and when she cries he likes to tell me why. "I think she might be hungry," "I think she might miss daddy," "I don't think she wants a nap." Sometimes they can make me feel like a third wheel. So at the moment it's a bit of a bummer having to reduce his big brother duties to waving to her from across the room. Soon enough though my little lovelies, soon the dynamic duo will be back together! This will be reduced to just a comma in our big book of adventures! We will be back to the everyday joys of a big brother and his little sister.

Today's Reflection:
Still taking it easy here at our house, still praying for healing and comfort for my little guy. Thankful for friends and family that pray for us, and for a God who hears us.


  1. your two kiddos are so cute!! :) I love the whole big brother relationship our older son has with his baby brother its so sweet to see them interact :)

    1. Thank you! I know, our two are just starting to really play together, I love it!


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