Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I thought I'd share a little crafting today. I'm always happy when I get a little time to create something. The ideas are plenty, but the time to do them is scarce. If I do have the time it's late at night or during naps, so whenever I can do a quick and easy craft, I feel a little sense of accomplishment. This one was done for Father's Day, I thought I'd make a little replica of each of the dads...
I started with little wooden figures found at the craft store, then painted them giving them the characteristics that each dad is known for. My bro-in-law's metro-sexual v-neck, my dad's famous lime green tank top and my husband's classic white tee and khakis.
Next, I added another layer of even more details, like glasses and gray hairs. I used a little felt to make my husband's hat that is a staple of his. I liked the look of no noses or mouths and at this point, if you knew these men, they were pretty recognizable, so I left them as is. 
In the end they made great little cake toppers for our chocolate cake. I just added a few more touches to the cake, like a banner and backdrop and voila, instant personalized craft!
You have to admit, the resemblance was pretty uncanny...
The sweetest part of this was that my son loved them! He could not put them down, especially his 'Grandpa'. He played with them all day, taking them in the bath with him and even to bed. He's already asked where the rest of the family is, so I think I just might have to make him more!
Today's Reflection:
Sometimes I'm not sure how other people get so much accomplished during the day. If I'm able to get everyone, including myself, dressed and fed I'm walking a little taller. I've been told this is just a season I'm in, having two small children but in case it doesn't get any easier, please don't tell me! I'm trying to stay motivated and encouraged to start trying to fit more and more into my day. I think the most challenging part of this is not comparing my day to someone else's, otherwise I can feel lazy and pretty useless. Isn't that a challenge in general? Not comparing ourselves to others? I'm finding comfort that when I start to lose confidence in myself and what I'm doing it just takes a moment with God, to remind me, he's helping me through each day and to ask him to continue guiding my steps and leading me.

"And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us,
And establish the work of our hands for us;
Yes, establish the work of our hands."
-Psalm 90:17

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