Thursday, January 26, 2012


I am easily inspired.  I am easily inspired which means I buy fabric and dream of all of the wonderful things it can become. Often I don't have a pattern or really a plan, I just hope for the best. 

My mom on the other hand is seamstress extraordinaire!  Her and I sew together, and most times she could sew whatever it is I'm making in her sleep.  She'll ask "So what are you making" and I'll tell her in which she will reply, "let me just show you real quickly how I would do it."  Today, I decided I needed a maxi skirt.  She of course knew the best way to do it, and I told her "I prefer to learn from my mistakes."  So off I went to make myself the best maxi skirt ever!

Here she is inspecting my work...

 and here she is fixing my disaster... 

(She's smiling because her stubborn daughter is finally listening to her.)

So well, I never made that maxi skirt, my mom did.  But I did make some lovely family headbands out of the scraps!

and for the record, stubbornness runs in the family.  Henry refused to wear his left sock all day because he didn't like it.

Today's Reflection:

Lord, often times I am so busy thinking I know it all that I miss the opportunities to learn. Thank you for the people you bring into my life to teach me.  Help me to stop being so foolish and instead listen and learn.  Let me be open to the advice they can give me and be blessed by it! Forgive me for not appreciating them.

"The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice."
-Proverbs 12: 15


  1. This made me laugh out loud twice (LOL2X)!! Great story, cute/funny pictures, awesome reflection and powerful truth ... this is Grade A blogging my dear!

  2. that is so cute that you are sewing with your mom! for sure good memories!!


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