Wednesday, January 11, 2012


For months now we have been planning a vacation to sunny So. Cal to take the kids to Disneyland. Last week all the planning finally paid off.  It was a group effort, all together there were 4 kids and 6 adults, my family, my sister and her family and my mom and dad.  This was our first real family vacation together in a long time and it was not without it's own set of difficulties, food poisoning being the worst!  However, I will not talk about that, at least not today!  Today I will remember that first day, the day we went on an airplane, got our feet dirty in the sand and enjoyed a delicious juicy hamburger!

We flew down with my sister and her family, the kids all did really well on the flight. They were just excited to be on an airplane.  Once we landed and checked into the Hotel, first thing on the agenda...FOOD & BEACH!  

Now apparently no one told the lower half of California that its January because the weather there was unbelievable!  I think it was 89° that first day.

First vacation as a family of 4 is officially in the books!

Today's Reflection:

I like looking back at photos, you rarely take photos of those uncomfortable moments that you'd like to forget, only the happy moments, the beautiful moments, the moments you always want to remember. Like I said, the trip did not come without it's setbacks, but when I look at the photos, I'm reminded of the good and not the bad.

Lord, can we just toss out all of those ugly moments in my life?  Can we get past the uncomfortable moments I've been involved in? Thank you for not reminding me of those bad moments and help me focus on the good that you've laid before me. 

Thank you for the forgiveness you've given me for any of those ugly moments. amen.

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