Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I am not a breakfast person.  Let me rephrase, I'm not a morning person, which means, I'm very boring when it comes to breakfast.  Don't get me wrong, I love to cook, I can rock a dinner, but breakfast...that's Steve's area.  My son is usually pretty hungry when he wakes up, which means, I have to fake being a breakfast person.  My best friend for faking it is this:

  just add a little water, and shake.

 Pancakes were on the menu this morning, I even tried to make it fun for him, I poured the pancake batter in a squeeze tube, added a little food coloring and made cute shapes.  fun right?

He was not very excited about the idea. This boy just wants those pancakes in his belly...my kind of kid.

I even made him a red Lightning McQueen as he requested, but still he was not too impressed.  We'll have to try it another time, maybe when he's not so hungry, or when Daddy's home, after all, breakfast is his thing.

Today's Reflection:
I thought my son would be excited about fancy pancakes, he was not, but after we sat down, him at his table, me at mine, he picked up all of his breakfast and brought it to my table to eat with me. We had some fun Mommy & Henry time, we chatted, laughed and even danced. He's got the right idea.  Sometimes things don't go how we imagined them in our head, but that doesn't mean that they can't be even better.

Lord, sometimes I imagine what my life should look like, and when it doesn't quite come out like that I can get a bit disappointed.  You, however always seem to make things better. You have got the right idea.  Thank you, for having better ideas for my life than I do! 

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