Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Do you ever have those a-ha moments? I made tacos last night for dinner.  I'm talking made with love tacos that started hours before dinner time.  I boiled the chicken, pulled it off the bone, then hand pulled it and steamed it.
I made over a dozen taco shells.

 Hand stuffed each one.
 We all work together for these tacos.
Already tired, I thought to myself, why am I making these the hard way, they take so much work! Instantly, I reminded myself, I do it because they come out so goooood this way!  And then, the a-ha moment.

Life has been really busy lately, I'm still adjusting to raising two kids.  Just about everything else has been on the back burner. Someone or something always needs to be cleaned, fed, held, played with or just loved. Some days, I'm afraid to go out by myself with them, I have to pump myself up, tell myself "You can do this!" Imagine 'Eye of the tiger' playing in my head. Some mornings I want to pull the covers over my head and call Grandma to babysit (please don't misunderstand, I adore my children). When I thought about that taco and how good it was going to be, the light bulb went off.  These kids, life, can take a lot of work, but it's going to be worth it in the end. I'm in the midst of all of this, I need to remember to look ahead. When I look ahead I am reminded of everything I'm working for.  When I look ahead and remember who I serve, there is peace.

Today's Reflection:

Good one God, using a taco to give me a little peace!  Lord, you know me better than anyone ever could, thank you for your patience with me, I know I don't always get it.  Thank you for what lies ahead.  


  1. Good stuff ... and the tacos and rice look amazing!

  2. Love it Serena! It is so true - it's all worth it! Bless you and your little family :)!

  3. Wish I could come to your house for tacos!!!


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