Saturday, January 14, 2012


We should have known something was coming.  My Mom woke up that last morning in Disneyland with an upset stomach and decided to stay at the hotel while we went on.  We all thought she'd meet up with us later after it settled, no big deal.  Here we are ready to start day 2 in Disneyland, the "Happiest place on Earth."

We even met some of our most beloved characters!

Everything was going great, and then it started.  Steve had to sit and put his head down, said he was feeling sick.  Next thing I know we're quickly rushing back to the Hotel because he thinks he's going to throw-up.  We get back to find my Dad getting ready to take my Mom to the Hospital, she's gotten worst.  Steve runs to the bathroom to throw-up. Mom asks how Henry is feeling I say "He's been fine," at that exact moment I turn to look at him and he throws up all over himself (poor baby!). I clean up my now crying boy and suddenly I feel queasy.  I lay him down on the bed then run to the bathroom to throw-up.  I go back to my son to lay down with him and he throws-up all over the bed.  My Brother-in-law walks into the room, My sister now isn't feeling too good.  I say to him "You may not want to be in here." They leave, and in the elevator to their room my nephew tells them he doesn't feel good and then throws-up.  Yada, yada, yada, everyone but Lucia is up all night throwing-up, thus ending our "magical" Disneyland vacation.

This was the last picture I snapped on the trip, it feels somewhat telling, like he knows what's about to happen.

Today's Reflection:
That was one horrible night, but we were all in it together, attempting to take care of one another. I guess the beauty of the ugly situation is that I'm a part of a pretty good team.
Lord, I know we can learn from even the uncomfortable situations. Thank you. Lesson learned. Please, let's not do that again.

Thank you for my health, for my team and for another chance to learn. amen.

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