Saturday, December 24, 2011


Tomorrow my baby girl Lucia will celebrate her first Christmas.  Waiting for her, in her stocking is a handmade doll.  She's not a perfect doll, but she's made with love, she's a simple gift for my baby girl from her mommy.

Complete with bows from head to toe!

She's ready for my little Lucia to love!

We tried to keep the gift count to a simple few, we also bought her some "girly" books since the only current kid books we have in the house all feature trains, cars or little boys.


Henry also got into the spirit of handmade Christmas gifts and worked on a gift for daddy!

Lucia didn't really make anything, other than me smile!

I'm finding that some of the best gifts are not found in a store.   

What I am reflecting on:

Lord, you have given me so much more than I could ever need but your handmade gifts are my favorite! Thank you for being a loving God.

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