Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Well, we are in the home stretch!  Christmas is almost here.  Today we will be relaxing at home wrapping gifts so we aren't up late Christmas eve (like usual) and trying to finish up all those home made gifts that I told myself I would do this year.  We are trying to enjoy every minute of the Christmas season and although it's been extremely busy, especially with two kids now, we have had such a happy holiday. 


It's fun having kids of our own and getting to start new traditions.  We have been doing the countdown to Christmas and it's scary to only see 3 little bags left to be opened.  The bags are a part of my attempt at a new tradition.  I made one for each day of December and filled them with little inexpensive treats and notes for my little guy. He is enjoying them!

He told me this morning he doesn't like Santa Clause, maybe it's because all he gives him is socks. Who knows?

Hope your holidays aren't too stressful and you are getting a moment to just sit back and enjoy them!

What I'm Reflecting on:

Something will always need to be done.
Lord, help me not get caught up with the insignificant little tasks so that I can enjoy the moments that matter most.

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  1. thanks you my serena for getting me to take the time to enjoy the fruit of our (dad and my)laber "YOU!"


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