Thursday, December 15, 2011


I adore my children, but I know one day they will have to leave me and start their own families.  Thankfully they're only babies so I don't have to worry much about that right now.  When they do leave I realize it will just be the two of us again, me and my Steve-O. Sometimes I get so focused on the kids that he can get left in the background. I'm trying to take more time to let him know I love him and he's still the one that makes my heart race.  He loves the Holidays. I have to hold him back from putting the Christmas decorations up, otherwise we'd be fully decorated before Halloween! I try to make our house as festive as I can, this year I added a few more touches to our house.

I'm playing Holiday music constantly!

I brought the Holiday Decorations into our bedroom.  It's not much, but he loves it.  He asked if we can leave it up all year...we'll see!

sometimes the little things can add up, or at least I hope they do!  How are you keeping your holidays merry and bright?

Today what I'm reflecting on:

Lord Thank You Thank You for my husband.  He is the one I prayed for, please let me remember that when times get tough and I am tired.  Let me not forget you handpicked him for me and you are the ultimate matchmaker!

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