Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This morning we woke up and had a congested baby girl.  I hate when my kids get sick, you just want to take all of that pain and discomfort away.  We tried to make her as comfortable as possible and decided today would be a good day to just stay home.

My poor little girl!

It was a "make it work" kind of day.  We were supposed to finish Christmas shopping but since my Lucia was under the weather and not too many days left to shop I resorted to online shopping. While the girls stayed home my boys had a successful little shopping trip of their own.  Since shopping is a tiring sport, tonight will be a pizza and movie night. 'Thomas the Train' for Henry and 'The Help' for mommy!

Can you believe it's almost Christmas!!!

What I'm reflecting on today:

Some days just don't go as planned, I will try to make the most of my days thankfully and joyfully. Lord, keep my daughter safe and healthy, heal her like only you can!

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