Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Sorry no post yesterday! I've been sick, but for those concerned readers, I am starting to turn a corner. There's lots to share with you, we had a really great weekend. On Saturday my big sister opened Sacramento's first Fashion truck! We all turned out to support 'Gypsy' her mobile boutique...
Here's my big sister, she worked extremely hard, along with her husband and many others they really put a lot of love into this truck...
Here's a sneak peek inside, but you can find so much more on her site (www.gypsymobileboutique.com) You can also see Gypsy live and in person this weekend at SactoMoFo

It's the cutest little truck I've ever seen and even better in person, I just know you all will love it! Even Henry Ray loves his Auntie's little black truck...
All in all it was a great weekend hanging out with Gypsy... 
Today's Reflection:
Courage has been one of my favorite words this last year. It takes courage to change, courage to not follow others, courage to move forward, courage to stand up and say "Lord I trust in you, I give everything to you!". This Sunday the topic of  the sermon was Courage, which hit home with me. I admire courageous people, I am not always so courageous. I'm so proud of my sister for finding the courage for pursuing a dream of hers. I'm thankful for God giving her the opportunity and the support she needs. Lord, I trust in you, please bless my sister and her new adventure. Let it Glorify you and who you are an never stray from that!

"Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed."
-Proverbs 16:3 9 (NLT)


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