Monday, April 30, 2012


Sometimes you can go somewhere a million times, wearing it out in your mind like you would your favorite tennis shoes, then you get some new laces and BAM! New shoes. Okay, I might be reaching on that one, but my point was Henry and I took his daddy to the Sacramento Zoo for the first time. We've been so many times and we have our normal routine, it was fun taking Steve with us this time and sharing all the things we love about the zoo.

The Orangutans were Steve's favorite. I personally don't trust them after seeing 'Rise of the Apes' and then having a monkey punch the glass right in front of my son, scaring the poor boy! They are entertaining though...I'll give them that. 

Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective to remember how much you love where you're at...or some yummy Merlino's...either way, the zoo + my loves + Merlino's = loving where you're at...always!!
Today's Reflection:
Lord, thank you for some fresh perspective and the opportunity to share something I love with those I love. What else do I need some fresh perspective on? What else have I just let become a part of the daily grind that I forget the reason I love it in the first place?

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