Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Sometimes it's weird to think of my baby boy as a big brother, the concept can take a while to sink in. I am amazed at what a natural he's been. He calls his baby sister a 'Princess', something he started on his own, perhaps from all those Disney movies he's seen. Once I caught him with his little hands on her face telling her "You are B-eautiful!" I love him, I know that, but when I see things like this I'm so proud to be his mom! There is also an overwhelming sense of being extremely blessed.

I know that there are some little girls who may never be called a 'princess' or 'beautiful'. I've seen with my own eyes the effect this can have on a little girl and how she can carry it for the rest of her life. I think about when Jesus was teaching and the men brought him the woman caught in adultery hoping he would condemn her, but instead he showed her grace and kindness and love and saved her from that condemnation (John 8:1-11). I think about what an amazing example this is. I think this is how I want to raise my son. He will come across girls who others will try to condemn and instead of joining them I want him to treat them with the love and kindness they deserve, not because of what they've done, but because we are all worthy of love and kindness. 
Today's Reflection:
Lord, I realize just how much you live in us when I see things like this. My goal has always been to raise a gentleman and when I read your word, I see that you were the perfect example. I get why we need to live more like you and I'm thankful for those around me who show me a glimpse of you.

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