Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Dear Mijo,
I want you to know that I am so proud to be your sister. Sometimes it's hard for me to watch you become a man, because in my heart you are still my little baby brother. I still worry about you, probably more than you know and probably more than I should but that's because I love you. I know I'm not very tough, but I want to protect you from anything that might try to hurt you, I'm your big sister, that's what we do! When we were younger we fought a lot, you were such a little brat in cowboy boots and a tail calling me "fat" because you knew my chubby little legs could never catch you! As we have become adults, you are someone I love more than words could describe.

I want you to know that today on your birthday, it is not just "a day like any other". Today, 28 years ago, Mom had her first son.  I can only imagine how much love we all felt when she brought you home. I know you don't have kids yet, so maybe you can't imagine, but that love is instant and deeper than any ocean and forever! I know because I have a son too!

I want you to know, you were made to do wonderful things! I believe you can and will become the man God intended you to be and one day this will spill over and shape you into the wonderful father and husband I know you will be. Don't let anyone ever put you down or limit you, and know that anytime anyone ever tries to hurt you or underestimate you, your big sister is here to beat them up or at least tell you they are nothing but liars!

I love you Mijo! Happy Birthday!

Today's Reflection:
Lord, thank you for my little brother.  Please protect him from things and people that may try to keep him away from your plans for him. Bless him in everything he does. Keep him safe and help him to build a strong foundation with you as he begins to grow a family of his own.

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