Saturday, March 10, 2012


Happy Friday! It's been a good week, the weather here in Sacramento has been beautiful! This week I started a new goal to get the kids and myself out of the house everyday. We've been spending way too much time inside and Henry and I were beginning to become pale couch potatoes. Not really, but I'm sure if I hadn't intervened it was the down the road! I'm reading a book called '15 minutes outside' and it has an idea to get the kids out of the house for each day of the year.  Some are good, some are okay and some will never work, but I am enjoying the book nonetheless. Today we spent the afternoon with our besties (my sister and her two boys). Going to the Zoo, picking flowers and feeding the ducks, it was the perfect day to be outside...   
Today's Reflection:
I do love sitting on my couch relaxing, but nothing, and I mean nothing beats watching my little boy run around in the grass picking his mommy flowers.  If this were a t.v. show, then today would be one of the best episodes!

Lord, thank you for whatever you've been doing to me, you've put a little fire in me that wants to get up and out and roll around in the grass. I know that it's you, because I am not one to roll around in the grass! Thank you for days like today!

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