Friday, March 2, 2012


 Today we learned that sometimes you can't do it all, hold your juice, eat your raisins and play with your toys. Unless you are a resourceful fellow that knows how to make use of his pockets...
Today, pockets seemed like a gift from God, made especially for my Henry and his needs. After all, a boy should be able to hang on to his toys while enjoying some juice and raisins. 
Today we learned that she reserves the best smiles (the one's with the flirty eyes) for her daddy...
He is one lucky guy!
 Today I learned that pockets can cause one guys happiness just like a smile can cause another's.

Todays Reflection:
Lord, thank you for the little things. You have magnificintly made the little things just like you have the big things! Somedays it's easier to praise you for the obvious mountains and oceans and sky, but some days it is the little pockets and smiles that I should praise you for! 

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